Baseball Session Plans

Infield Session:

- Goals

- Play catch / arm warm-up

- Equipment Review

- Fundamental positioning

- Hands drills

- Ground up fielding drills

- Backhand and forehand fielding

- Throws to all bases

- Situations

- Double plays

- Fly balls and rules

- Covering bunts


Outfield Session:

- Goals

- Play catch / arm warm-up

- Equipment Review

- Fundamental positioning

- Angles to balls hit to the outfield

- First step after contact

- Throws to all bases and cutoffs

- Crow hop drills

- Communication and rules in the outfield


Catcher Session:

- Goals

- Play catch / arm warm up

- Equipment review

- Position and form behind the plate

- Framing and throwing back to the pitcher

- BLOCKING drills (our favorite)

- Throws to 2nd, 3rd, and 1st with footwork and arm mechanics

- Field general drills (calling out cuts, outs, etc.)

- Depending on age, overview on calling a good game


Hitting Session:

- Goals

- Stance, balance, load technique, and hand placement overview

- Bunting drills

- Tee work / soft toss (multiple pitches)

- Cage work (short, medium, and full distance live pitching)

- Education on going up to the plate with a plan

- Reading signs

- Situations at the plate


Pitching Session:

- Goals

- Position overview and education

- Pitching mechanics from stretch and windup

- Hand placement for all appropriate pitches

- Game planning

- Arm strengthening drills

- Defensive position drills / covering bunts

- Live Bullpen session with progression


Football Session Plans

Quarterback Session:

- Initial goals assessment and session overview

- Warm up and basic fundamentals review

- Drop backs and footwork drills

- Hand placement and arm mechanics in multiple throwing situations (focal point for ages 8-18)

- Basic route tree

- Reading and identifying defenses review/overview


Receiver Session:

- Goals assessment

- Running warm up

- Route tree overview/review

- Cutting and planting (how the basic routes are related to one another through identical cuts etc.) This helps simplify the route tree.

- Lining up and footwork drills

- Catching at the high point / attacking the ball drills (basic catching)

- Releases off the line (mix in press coverage)

- Advanced route running depending on age (double moves, back shoulder, etc.)

- Blocking drills (off the line and downfield blocking)

- Footwork and ladder drills


Defensive Back Session:

- Goals assessment

- Running warm-up

- Position overview and education

- Coverage situations and fundamentals

- Tackling form

- Jamming vs. playing off the line of scrimmage

- Hips drills

- Shedding blocks

- Blitzing

- Reading the run and running situations

- Footwork and ladder drills